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For someone looking to acquire a large number of votes, the third-party marketplaces may not be able to match enough sellers. As an alternative, SoundOff will maintain an allotment of votes that can be "bonded" (we should rename this feature).
By bonding, a partner can buy votes directly from SoundOff at a discount from the market price, perhaps 20-40%, in exchange for locking those votes in escrow for a specified period of time, perhaps 1-3 years. Escrowed votes can be used to select questions but can't be sold or transferred.
Bonding may be an attractive alternative for long-term partners who are committed to participating in SoundOff question selection well into the future. Because votes are bonded from SoundOff, bonding is a well-aligned source of revenue for SoundOff, driving value worthy of long-term partnership.
Last modified 7mo ago